A Slice of Tozer Devotional

September 14, 2007
The other day I heard Slice of Laodicea was once again no more. Ingrid apparently lost her site for some reason and tells us she still has hope in her private little Laodicea. Though she promised it to be a kinder gentler place, she took no time in getting back to her regular scheduled swipe against others so much for a new improved quite place.

Now, Ingrid is who she is and in that she is accountable to God for her actions and words and in that I am not complaining… I am just letting you know what is going on since I have written here about Slice before. If you need a bit of Old Slice you can get the general idea of how Ingrid would “correct” and try to restore others here.

So, does complaining really change things. I mean some have pointed out that by the standards of Ingrid and those other watchdoggies, that this would be divine intervention as God just did not like or want Slice around… I mean God is sovereign.

Interestingly, Jesus warned Laodicea to get hot or cold or He would spew them out… and Jesus did. There is not much left of the Biblical City or Church of Laodicea… so how ironic that no matter how one Slices Laodicea, it seems that the story still plays out.

So today for my Tozer devotional (Ken Silva’s favorite and oft quoted mystic)… (which is really very good!) I know this is something everyone struggles with… (not just Ingrid and Ken) I know I do also. So enjoy!

Be Blessed,

The Next Chapter after the Last
Chapter # Four
Complaining: A Disease of the Soul

The Illogic of Complaining

Among those sins most exquisitely fitted to injure the soul and destroy the testimony, few can equal the sin of complaining. Yet the habit is so widespread that we hardly notice it among us. The complaining heart never lacks for occasion. It can always find reason enough to be unhappy. The object of its censure may be almost anything: the weather, the church, the difficulties of the way, other Christians or even God Himself. A complaining Christian puts himself in a position morally untenable. The simple logic of his professed discipleship is against him with an unanswerable argument. Its reasoning runs like this: First, he is a Christian because he chose to be. There are no conscripts in the army of God. He is, therefore, in the awkward position of complaining against the very conditions he brought himself into by his own free choice. Secondly, he can quit any time he desires. No Christian wears a chain on his leg. Yet he still continues on, grumbling as he goes, and for such conduct he has no defense.

Deliver me from complaining, Lord. Rather, teach me to praise You and thank You for the opportunities to grow.

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation.
— Philippians 2:14-15

The cause for complaint is often a God-given opportunity for growth and praise. What at first appear to be thorns may prove to be divine prods that move us closer to God.

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