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September 1, 2007

A while back while I was embroiled in a discussion with Tony Rose at his blog about Biblical truth verses man made truth Jeff Wright contacted me to let me know that they were also discussing this topic at Conservative Reformed Mafia.

At the time I was a bit burned out with the discussion to contribute over at CRM yet I think the series they have there is very interesting… and not because we seem to be in agreement to a degree! (But it helps LOL!)

Here is part 1

Here is part 2

Here is part 3

In reflection in the discussion with Tony Rose I might point out that they insisted that “emergents” “do not believe in truth” and Tony was not willing to accept that Russell Moore who did the interview with Tony Jones did not have a clue what he was talking about. The funniest/saddest thing that Jim W. and Tony Rose missed was that I was an emerging folk who was standing on the Bible as his authority and definition of truth and they were fighting for the modernistic viewpoint… more sad that they just plain missed I was of the “emergent” ilk and was for truth and believed in truth and was fighting for truth…

So how then is it true that all emergents do not believe in truth? It seems that one side cannot see the lies they are stating. They see these lies as truth and uses these lies to protect their view of truth.

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  1. Thank you for noticing my series. There’s actually a fourth part in which I dig into common apologetics questions surrounding truth-claims, if folks are interested.

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