MacArthurite Values… Modernity double speak

August 28, 2007

I found this one poster the first and maybe the only poster that was remotely close… Personally I see that we all still use the “tools” of modernity as well as “post-modernity” yet the values of both are not “Christian”. In fact as I learned that in the emerging church from other emerging Christians! We do not believe in “post-modernity” as THE answer.

Yet, the hypocrisy becomes clearly evident from Phil Johnson and Crew who developed these posters. These men are also apologist fro John MacArthur so this double speaking hypocrisy does not surprise me at all considering the source.

Here is a quote from Phil Johnson as he once promoted an pro Spurgeon/anti modernity stance in contrast to this poster that seemingly pokes fun at “emergents” but reveals that they are FOR MODERNITY! LOL!

“Even if I lived well into my eighties, I could probably
post Spurgeon excerpts twice a week from now until I die and still not run out of material where Spurgeon was declaring his contempt for modernism. All of it would demonstrate conclusively that the various paradigm-shifts convulsing the evangelical movement today are nothing but recycled versions of the same old errors that were being foisted on church leaders by so-called
“advanced thinkers” in the Victorian era. That movement ultimately grew stronger despite the opposition of Spurgeon and others like him. Modernism finally commandeered most of the mainstream denominations, then quickly piloted them to their demise.” ~ Phil Johnson (source 2)

Here is a quote from Spurgeon against modernity:

“The school of modern thought laughs at the ridiculous positiveness of Reformers and Puritans; it is advancing in glorious liberality, and before long will publish a grand alliance between heaven and hell, or, rather, an amalgamation of the two establishments upon terms of mutual concession, allowing falsehood and truth to lie side by side, like the lion with the lamb.” ~ Spurgeon ( Source 2)

Note the source is still Phil Johnson’s now pro modernity blog?

Here is another quote against modernity from Pyromaniac’s Phil Johnson:

“It’s hard not to notice that Spurgeon was on the same side of all these issues—and he was saying exactly the same kinds of things—as those who are most troubled about the drift today. There’s little question that Spurgeon would have appreciated and sympathized with “Slice of Laodicea”; he would have been scoffed at and derided as an intolerant “TR” (“Truly Reformed”) by certain small-minded critics who apparently cannot imagine a more scathing insult; and he would have been mocked and dismissed by more “enlightened” minds who (in the name of
catholicity) reject and exclude every person who raises any biblical concern about the direction they want to go.”
~ Phil Johnson

Again, with this poster Phil seems to have flipped flopped his position like Al Gore when he began to run with Bill Clinton, to now say by this poster that:

“Modernity now is alive and is a good thing because emergents are against it.”

(*Phil never stated that other than what is implied by this poster.)

I wanted to thank CRNinfo for bringing this to my attention.

Source 1: Looks like the Spurgeon-followers finally got one right
Source 2: Pyromaniacs
Source 3: More Signs of the Times


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