Back from the Smoking Section…

August 20, 2007
I am back!

It was smoking up there at Flathead Lake… as there were quite a few fires up in that area that were burning. Seely Lake was probably the worst hit. (We did not go there).

I had hoped to get much more fishing in yet, we had some relatives up from California that were staying with us so did a bit more sightseeing than we would have… and the guy who ran the Lodge seemed to not want to let us out on the boat… he kept saying a storm was coming and then the lake would be smooth as glass… then when we were able to go, I think the waves were at their biggest and it was too wavy to fish. In fact we had only a short time to run out on the lake then come back as our relatives wanted to go out also! When they came back, the lake seemed calmer and others wanted to use the boat… so though I heard the guy who ran the lodge caught around 30 fish in one day, I caught a measly little perch that was not even big enough to keep… so… as far as a “fishing trip” it was a bust for me. (Though it seems most fishing trips with rare exception are a bust for me LOL!)

The cabin was great, plenty of room for 7 people and two kids. I did get a little writing done, but found no Internet cafe’s

I did have a few thoughts about the Ken Silva day of prayer and fasting. I will comment on that in another post either today of tomorrow… right now, I need to muster up the strength and desire to go in to work… which is a bit hard after a week off!


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