I could not help it… The DeVille made me do it!

July 28, 2007
OK this guy called rev scottie has been making some waves as he exposed SoL in how dishonest they are in who gets posted on their comments.

In this he made up a name and then posted mean and nasty things against his friends who were being spoken very meanly about at SoL… (what a surprise!)

So, I noticed a post that seemed to be a bit out of sync with what I know about the emergent church… and some poor guy named Jeff

Now Jeff also posted at rev scottie’s blog:

“Slice” is a nightmare of a site. (I’m the “Jeff” about whom Ingrid created an “Emergent Quote of the Day” post, then blocked most of my lengthy, good-faith comments on that same post.) I told her I was leaving the site, and the recent rant about comment rights seems at least partially directed at me.

I agree that that site is stunningly divisive. I’m concerned that the heavy censorship may not be known to its users, creating a very imbalanced, unhealthy community. I’ve never been more frustrated or treated more poorly online in my life (and I post regularly on Slashdot and Fark!)

Thanks for posting your experience as well,

Posted by: Jeff Benson July 26, 2007 at 02:26 PM

With that as a background I just could not resist…

So I posted this rather non offensive comment:

“The biggest difference between the emerging approach and as it is
Is that we would walk and talk with this guy as our friend and answer his questions lovingly.We would not “expose” him and mock him…
It amazes me that it is assumed that “all” emergents think this way when in fact they do not.

People are at many different places in their
lives. Some just have questions and doubt that need our love and kindness to help guide them…
So this post to me is a bit appalling as you trample on someone who may be seriously looking a Jesus and truly wants to believe.


Obviously it was not posted as it was against their view…


I did this obvious fake comment:

“Hue DeVille Says:
You have to say those emergents are sure ignorant Of the
truth.Unfortunately Christianity seems to me being sieged by this plague.

Let’s be sure that we do not allow access to them In our
churches.Everyone should be sure to pray against them.”

Now notice that if you look at the capitalized letters…
it spells out


Busted again! And they call themselves a discernment ministry?

(Update: The comment was deleted… and Jeff has still not been able to defend himself on SoL and Ingrid continues to slander Jeff and all the rest of the emerging church with her lie. So as you read SoL… remember YOU C LIE. I also wanted to point out that some there who are on Ingrid’s side wanted to actually converse and Ingrid denied them… here is a commont from one such person there

Cliff in WI Says:

Jeff, I agree with you that the
Bible is complicated. It is amazing. What part of it do you have such a problem with? If you have read it (I will assume you have a grasp of its
message) why do you make those claims? I noticed you used the words flawed and human in your description. What parts are flawed? I take it when you said human, you meant it was mankind’s ideas and thoughts. Really? How do you come up with that?
You’re putting your eternal soul on the line. Do you really want to stay there? You may not want to hear that people here
will pray for you and really care about what happens with you. We will and we do. I would like to know how you have come to your conclusion(s).
Thank you

Jeff has been denied being able to even answer this person who was truly concerned… and Ingrid did not seem to care at all. If one is going to be a discernment ministry and make accusations… and the people desire dialog, to deny them seems truly dishonest. To not let them speak and speak for them tell people
what YOU THINK they believe and not letting them speak for themselves is
more dishonest.

BTW Ingrid’s repsonse to Jeff’s quote was this:

“Response: Well Jeff, how can you know for sure that biblical fundamentalists are wrong? Are you sure about that?”

Interestingly she never let him respond back.)

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  1. Hi, Iggy! Saw your comment on my blog. I’m the hapless “Jeff” that was mentioned here.

    Ironically, I never even identified myself as an “emergent” – just started posting comments on Slice and found one promoted to a top-level post one morning. (The irony that most of my comments on that same post were screened is stunning!)

    Ingrid has a right to maintain a one-sided, imbalanced website – my problem with it is that it mimics and presents the general look and feel of sites that encourage discussion and where multiple sides of an issue COULD emerge through its commenters. Its readers easily might not be aware of what an insulated echo chamber it is.

    Anyway, I’m glad that someone figured out that I hadn’t just abandoned the conversation there. Sad that only one person seemed actually interested in a actual conversation about my journey/story there. Thanks for posting about this!

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