Punk’d of Laodicia

July 25, 2007
I had a great laugh this morning… especially after all I went through as i was trying to correct someone on how misinformed he was on emergent/emerging. It was a complete wash as no matter what I stated… even when we agreed… I was wrong and a liar and whatever else they decided to judge me about…

I mean I AM an emerging folk, I think I might know a bit more than they? Nope, they told me what I beleive and insisted they were right.

I found this first at CRNinfo, then I read it at MMI.

Slice Website Punked Yesterday, I talked about how the Slice website has twice in the past month deleted articles from their website without explanation or apology. The first was a story Ingrid got totally wrong. She backtracked, then deleted. Yesterday, she withdrew a story about Tammy Faye and her eternal destiny. Yesterday, news came that the Slice site has been being punked. .

One man who says he was treated unfairly at Slice has taken a different approach. He’s been posting there to see how silly his comments can be and still be taken seriously. According to Rev. Scotty, “I said some really stupid and outright mean things, used scripture way out of context and just made up stuff to post. As long as my target was one of the people they disagreed with I was able to say anything I wanted even to the point of calling a fellow pastor and friend a “dirty old man”.”

While I’m not condoning “Dr Louis” alias, I do find it funny that a group that is constantly calling out people for taking scripture out of context would allow this comment to stand:

I think Rev Scottie (Which I’m not sure if he is even an ordained Reverend) should carefully consider what it means to not be “conformed to this world.” I personaly feel that a goatee signifies a rebelious spirit. I believe this is the type of beard spoken of in Leviticus 19:27.

You can see the exchange here. You’ll notice that Rev. Scottie is the first to comment; then his altar ego, Dr Louis chimes in against himself.

Oh, by the way… Leviticus 19:27 says: Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.

You can see Rev. Scottie’s site here.

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