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June 27, 2007

I have been back this week from our vacation in California last week… and well I still am recovering from it a bit. Being diabetic takes its toll while I am on the road.

We had tons of fun and we were able to see almost everyone that we wanted to… though those we did not get to were greatly missed.

AND we ate and ate… we forget how good the food is out there.

We spent some time in Monterey in our old stopping grounds… Papa Chano’s is great, the Fishwife is always great… Turtle Bay and Petra’s our always are favorites! We also played tourists a bit and saw the Monterey Bay Aquarium… the kids loved it!

We found out that TES’ old job is still available as they just can fill that position… and I realized I missed living there much.

We were able to stay at a house my sister in law was house sitting… the people actually wanted us to stay there while they were in Hawaii. It was in Menlo Park and was a very fine house… not one I would ever be able to afford I assure you. It was truly a blessing.

We also stayed in a tent on the way up and back. In Pocatello it was a bit chilly as we set our tent up at midnight. It was not as old in Winnemucca on the way back but a bit miserable with the stickers in the grass and in trying to find a good place to set up a tent. We were shocked to see a sign there at McDonald’s stating they would pay $10.00/hr wages… it was almost tempting with the cost of living there being so low. LOL!

Over all we drove, ate, saw friends and relatives and listened to hours of Derek Webb, then came back… it was a bit of a rush.

So here I am trying to stabilize my blood sugars and thinking about so many things. Not must about the trip… but about a few things i hope to share later. Just a tip. If you have not read Shane Clairborne’s Irresistible Revolution I recommend it greatly.


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