John MacArthur’s "poopslide", err I mean one-sided "Truth War"

May 31, 2007

Andrew Jones gives a great response to John MacArthur’s new book criticizing the emerging church.
My only question is about this “poopslide”… Does John mean that Jesus has a skid mark? Or that we are a skid mark?
Either way it is pretty gross…
Personally I think that this book is so poorly researched that it might be best in the toilet… just in case… if you know what I mean… ; )
Oh btw, if one wants to see how much John MacArthur has grown over the years here is Vineyard Churches position paper on his book “Charismatic Chaos” called A Response to Charismatic Chaos by Rich Nathan A response to the book written by John F. MacArthur, Jr. Available in Adobe PDF
Oh, and P.S. If you are too busy or if you just want to not enjoy Andrews great post… here is article that Andrew points to in his post… which in itself is good reading as to the “research” that was put into John MacArthur’s war on Truth… err I mean “Truth War”… is this “demeaning”…not as demeaning as JM is with his lack of respect for people like John Armstrong and others whom he has no issue with slandering. It seems funny to me that some think that having a sense of humor over the attack and slander of others is demeaning… it makes wonder if they know what that word even means…
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