Over 20,000 served so far…

April 19, 2007

With just a bit of over 500 posts I have hit over 20,000 hits on this blog sometime between yesterday and today… and I missed it! LOL

Now I know that number is actually not accurate as I did not have a counter on for most the first year… but still….

Thank you for your loyal readership.



  1. Well keep it up! I am glad I found your blog again brother. I check everyday though I do not always comment because…..well….I am clueless on most matters of faith.

  2. JP,

    I feel the same way most the time… I have no formal education so I am often a bit self conscience of that. what I do know is by the grace of God and in that I can only give that same Grace away…

    Be Blessed!

  3. Iggy,

    congratulations! glad to hear the news. Hope you continue the good work.



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