Christian Research Network… Now Beth Moore is an Apostate!

March 21, 2007

Yep… now Beth Moore is an apostate! You heard it from Ken and the gang at CRN… And what Biblical reason is given? She charged $55 a seat at a conference…

Yet, I bet if Ken could charge $55 a seat to “teach us” he would!
It just never stops at CRN… it only seems to get worse…

Notice there is not one mention as to WHY she is an apostate… the just link to someone who hates her and then call it a day… great job at research again…

Actually Beth Moore cost seems rather inexpensive compared to The Shepherd’s Conference and what is charge for the conferences!!!

Here is the COST OF THE THIS CONFERENCE!!!! This was promoted by Phil Johnson…
So using the logic of CRN it seems these guys are more apostate than Beth Moore…

Now I might add that if you look at the most expensive Beth Moore study it is priced at $100 yet if you go to the Shepherds’ Fellowship you will have to spend $200 for their studies…

So, do the math…



  1. CRN is such a joke. Instead of doing the work of a Pharisee and Judizer, Ken and his group should be doing the work Jesus sent them to do – to be a blessing and make a difference in the lives of people.

  2. Iggy,

    This one baffles me….$55/person vs. $300/person — just for entrance to the conference.

    I guess it’s because Beth Moore is successful in bringing spiritual truth to women while speaking to issues that women today are likely to face (I’m speculating here because I’m not in her demographic).

    But then, SHE’s teaching them – and you can’t have women doing that kind of stuff…

    But don’t trust me – go to the source: http://www.apprising.org/archives/2007/03/thoughts_on_wom.html

    Double-standards all the way around.

  3. The difference is you actually get truth at the Shepherd’s conference. Whereas at Beth Moore’s you get “want victory? Try harder!”

    I dunno but works-sanctification and works-salvation doesn’t do much for me. As I recall, it didn’t do much for Jesus or Paul either.

  4. You could also listen to Issues Etc where they have “A Review of Beth Moore’s Teaching ‘Building New Walls’” — they use the actual audio from her teaching and show you why it’s not biblical.


    Scroll down to Feb 19. It will be worth your time, if you’re at all worried about subjecting yourself to a yoke of slavery. (e.g. legalism)

  5. Terriergal,

    I really think you are missing the big picture and are not seeing that Lordship salvalaion is “works” oriented in it’s teachings… its focus is on your own fruit… and yourself and not on GOD’S fruit that He bears in you.

    I may not also agree with some of Beth Moores teachings either, yet I think that people are tossing out the “apostated” or “heretic” terms rather too loosely.


  6. Terriergal,

    I recommend you actually read the person themselves instead of trusting in sound bytes before on casts stones and calls names…

    In fact I can take a recent John MacArthur interview I heard and take his actual quotes without changing his context (which is what he and others do to many other teachers) John teaches that the Kingdom of God is only “spiritual now” and is only in the future… this negates the teachings that Jesus was the first fruit and Jesus’ very words the Kingdom is at hand… or here now… It also negates that Jesus is now sitting on the throne of God and has all things under His feet.

    So be careful who you say is bad… and who you night think is good… no man can bear good fruit. Good fruit is only from God and is of God who is the only One who is good… So only God can bear good fruit…. what I mean is be careful not to follow any one man’s teachings especially if they put emphasis on YOU BEARING GOOD FRUIT… you can’t and never will… only God can bear good fruit in and through you.


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