Al Mohler Goes Soft (hearted) Over homosexuals…

March 12, 2007

In the recent events around the Ann Coulter scandalously using a slang term for homosexuals… besides showing the mentality of many of the “Christian Right Wing” it seems while chastising Ann, (which he should) Al Mohler says some interesting things…

“So . . . why would Ann Coulter use that word? And, even more troubling to me, why would any in her audience laugh? There is nothing remotely funny about that word in any context. It is meant to hurt when boys use it in the locker room, and it was meant to hurt when Ann Coulter used it when speaking to a conservative audience. It demeans homosexuals and should be banned from any acceptable discourse.
How can homosexuals think anything but the worst of a movement that would laugh at the use of this slur? How can we think any better of ourselves if we stand by and let it happen?”

It would seem if someone from the “emergent” crowd said this there would be outcry of “gay lovers!” or “Sodomite lovers” or whatever ugliness one of that ilk would use to demean another.

The funny thing is I agree with Al Mohler… so watch out! LOL!

As far as Ann Coulter. She has been very irresponsible… not ot say childish… but what’s to be expected from someone who dated the man who is responsible for the porn magazine Penthouse… (I learned this from Al’s article which is here.)


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  1. “It is meant to hurt when boys use it in the locker room,”

    I wonder if Al is speaking from experience? It would at least explain his childish fascination will all things gay.

    Linda McMillan

  2. Impressive words coming from Al. As for Ann Coulter..uggghhh. When is here 2 seconds over?

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