Book Review: God’s Ultimate Passion by Frank Viola

February 28, 2007

Book review: God’s Ultimate Passion Frank Viola

Once again I get the privilege to review a book. I enjoyed that Frank quoted both Brian McLaren and Maj Ian Thomas which was fascinating to see the two fit together as I have seen they do. This book was to me a wonderful read. Though Frank Viola may refer to these to in the beginning of the book he moves on very quickly into the heart and purpose of his message and that is to reveal the Bride of Christ. There is a depth of understanding of the story of salvation yet even deeper Frank Viola shows our identity as the Bride of Christ.

Frank takes you through many different Bible passages to show the fine thread that is present. That the Father desires to give His Son a Bride… and that she will be perfect and unblemished and that Bride is all who are believers in Jesus.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dig deeper into who you are in Christ Jesus. This is one author I will be reading more from.


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