another example of the great discerning powers of the CRN group

February 11, 2007

This is partly from a comment on the blog linked to below… with a little more added to it. So the “you” is addressing the person at that site.

Here is another example of the great discerning powers of the CRN group… and their followers.
Did anyone else notice that though the word “heresy” is thrown out there… there is not one example of this heresy? That Ken’s articles all go to his own blog and not one outside source… and that the only heresy is that Rob is saying “God loves you”?

So, where is the heresy? I think it sad that you call names without any real source or proof… in fact this only looks like you disagree on some minor thing… like “God loves you” and claim heresy…. which makes me think… what is YOUR gospel… “God hates you?”

If so, you are the heretic… For scripture is clear about the love God has for us… even when we are God’s enemies, He died for us… to save us… out of love for us… For Genesis to Revelation is about the great Love of God for us… from the promise to send the Seed to redeem all creation to the revealing of Jesus in the Book of Revelation… one theme is clear… God loves us, and desires that none will perish. He is waiting patiently in hopes that as many can be saved as possible…

I think they need to repent from mischaracterizing God… The only thing I am sure of is that on Apprising ministries if one looks hard enough they may find some of Ken’s belly button lint from his inbred website that links to himself as his authority of research…

Beware of these divisive men that teach God hates you… they are false teachers who hold selfish ambition as their false idol.

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