Once You Had a Slice, Now Shunned and Sliced!

December 30, 2006

So occasionally I am SOL, though I have not had the privilege of being “blogspotted” I have commented on Slice of Laodicea to point out that though they call me a heretic and promote people who do not believe a personal relationship with Jesus is needed to be saved, I have commented on posts that promote the “exchanged life” there and not been let through. Officially I have not been shunned… just rejected… which does not bother me at all.

Today I found a great site! And I have been Sliced!
I just wanted to point out the first time I interacted with Ken Silva of the Slice of Laodicea.
First read his comments. Then read the post he is responding to… This has to be one of my most MacArthurish posts I have written… but I am just making things up… LOL!
I don’t think Ken even read it… I think he was excited that he was “getting me” on SOL and wanted to let me know… He even pointed out a blog where you can read that this person rejects that Jesus is literally Truth! That is soooo un Spurgeon like!
So if you have been shunned by SOL… try Sliced Laodicea


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