Good Questions…. and an answer to my critic

March 27, 2006

Good QuestionsAside from the attack that Phil Perkins who teaches at Yellowstone Baptist College here in Billings Mt. Phil raised some good questions. (Yet he is not listed on the personal page, though I did find him here) Sorry, I have no email to contact Phil personally to thank him for showing you I am a fraud! LOL!

What makes ones credentials legit and other’s not?

To me it is about first following God’s calling in one’s life. I have written many times as to how I ended up with UCMI and have never hid anything about it. I do not “use” these credentials to any real personal gain. I do use them at times when I find someone with lesser faith who needs that “authority” to give them comfort. By this I mean as an example, when my friend’s child died, I was able to minister to the family because I had this card that said I was a Reverend. Now anyone who knows me will know I never use Reverend. My real name is Carlos Shelton. I use iggy as a way of being neutral to those who read. I mean an iggy sounds harmless. It started out for my own protections as the internet is an ugly place at times, yet it stuck as I began to do the blog, and hosting my discussion group.

I am still in good standing with UCMI who when I applied over 2 years ago, had me answer many questions about my faith and beliefs, all of which are pretty much what I have on my word of mouth ministries website. UCMI has a college, and is a way for me to stay accountable in preaching Jesus and teaching from the bible. I may not agree with many who also have gone to UCMI for ordination, yet I see that they are fulfilling their calling as best they can. This is not like many of the “send money, ordains anyone” websites. I thoroughly researched and questioned and corresponded with them before I join and was ordained. Today I may not hold to some of what they believe, and I may not renew next year. I have been in denominations that ordain within their congregation. These are legal and it seems I have done more than many of these have themselves. I recommend checking out UCMI if one wants to. Even write to them and ask questions… even about me. BTW I have not had enough money to “buy” the parchments. LOL! I also have not gained anything monetary from anyone and have paid for this ministry out of my own pocket with the exception a good friend who has sent a very humble donation at times. Also, Word of Mouth Ministries is registered with the state of Montana as a legal entity. I have not yet found a reason to become none profit 501(c) as I have not received donations that would warrant the cost.

The second question is this, when the bible plainly states: “Who are you to judge another man’s servant?” So how can one rationalize attacking someone’s ministry without having any real knowledge… or even if one does have real knowledge? This comes to me under the guise of religion. To me the greatest evil to befall man is religion. It calls for the separation of God and man, whom God has now redeemed. It runs contrary to the Spirit and ministry of reconciliation that all believers are called to.

I know personally I may have not handled Phil right. Yet, as I looked into where he is coming from, a very legalistic Baptist background…. Most probably KJV only, I will have to say, we will never agree on much. In that I hope to live a peace as best I can. I will say if I had something to hide I could have deleted Phil’s comments, but since I don’t I will leave them as a reminder of who I once was and rejoice in the Life of Christ I now live, unshackled form religion that is not of a true believer. I contend and am content with the Scriptures teaching of True Religion and that is taking care of orphans and unwed mothers. The rest can burn in its false assumption of humility and self delusional self-righteousness. To me I can really care less about the Phil’s as I am sure those who I have ministered to will speak the truth of my character and ministry for they know me, Phil has not even taken the time to talk to me personally before he attacked me.

On Brian McLaren: I agree with him on many levels, and disagree with him on many others. In him I found the freedom to question and in that I have grown more in Christ. If one reads Brian’s books you may be surprised on how traditional he really is. In fact I may not be comfortable in his church for just that reason…. Tooo traditional.

The Emergent Movement: I am very open that first off I am reluctant to call this a movement as I see it then loses the substance we “emergents” hope to accomplish. In this “movement” I have found many who have outgrown the traditional man made institutional church. They have found a richer and deeper faith that connects them to Christ’s Body and gives a real meaning to being brothers in the Lord.

I will add this, I hope to someday develop the grace and humility to answer my critics as well as Brian McLaren, I see in this I have much to learn from him.


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