Somewhat shocked

February 13, 2006

I am somewhat shocked when someone adds me to their blog roll… Makes me wonder a bit.

Not that I think I have nothing to say, but that what I say is important and is well thought out and not just a reaction to something. Writing is tough. At times I read others writings and wish I had their humor, or wit, or intellect. Sometimes I just wish I could understand what the heck some are actually saying as their writing well surpasses my our intellect.

The one thing I have come to realize is that it does not matter how smart someone is. Somehow, some way, when the heart of God, gets into our own heart and our mind gains not just knowledge, but understanding also…. Well, The Kingdom has expanded. We often think that just our own mental understanding is enough… But man, that is not true as we can not possibly grasp beyond ourselves without someone pulling us up. To understand God as He reveals Himself to us is a great challenge, but we must not think ourselves more by thinking that mere human smarts… As smart as smart can be, will get us closer to God. If it is by Grace through faith we are saved, then it is by Grace through faith we live and learn. God can teach us through other men, but to think that other men can teach us about God, and leaving God out of the equation…. Well, that is often what we call, seminary.

We must tap into the Vine, to drink it’s nourishment, to grow strong and bear fruit. We can read the bible and never gain what it really means, for only with the Holy Spirit guiding us in all things will we be able to pull from the bible the understanding of the Life of Christ that now dwells in us.

I pray for my readers, and friends, and even those who hate me…. That you gain not from me, but from the true source that can give us life… And that is LIFE ETERNAL, Christ Jesus Himself.

Thank you, my new friend Daniel for adding me, and as always,

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