Politics and iggy

September 28, 2005

Politics and iggy

I really wish I could avoid politics altogether. I mean so many people put such importance on politics that it has even infected Christianity in a very sick way.

For the record I am a registered Democrat. The funny thing is I can’t remember voting Democrat except for the last local election where a Democrat and Republican ran together.

I see the Democrats as having great values and their focus on social issues as something I admire. I depart from them where the lobbyists infect and corrupt the purity of these values. With the money that is lining the pockets of many Dem I see a great hypocrisy that clouds these values. To be a “good” Democrat one must value human life and support socialized medicine. (I agree). One must also support a woman’s choice and be pro abortion. (I strongly disagree). It seems the value of human life also comes at the expense of human dignity. One must be helped if they have dark skin. I think this is a misplaced value. It is an over simplified attempt to right a wrong of racism that will not ever be accomplish by emphasizing the differences. I see the Democrats are missing the value of education, and should be pushing better education instead of supporting teachers unions that seem to support (their own interests) the teachers yet the money never reaches the schools apart from the bureaucracy. I believe Democrats should look at a better way of supporting teachers and schools. There is so much more I would add here but suffice it to say that the hypocrisy is being played out with the appointments of judges. Only a few years ago Ted Kennedy stated that it was wrong to ask an appointee what he will decide before he is appointed, now it is the criteria of the democrats to attack an appointee, only because they believe that judges should make the laws of the land to fit their own beliefs. If one takes the time to read some to the early founding Father writings they warned of this very thing… we are so ignorant as we sit and do nothing as the Democrats openly go against the Founding Fathers own desire and hopes for this nation. My greatest criticism of the Democrats is they lack true vision and complain about not having power. No one wants leadership with no vision.

I see Republicans as having good ideals; yet have now real plans to carry them out. I see that they are out to preserve the original intent of the founding fathers and the constitution. Yet, huge corporations seemed to have corrupted these men as the corporations line their pockets and Republicans turn a blind eye to the environment and many social issues. My stomach turned as Bush Senior was stating how being a single mother was a bad thing… Being raised by one I found that offensive and clueless. I see that the big issue is the republicans are very big picture oriented, (good thing) yet are myopic to the social issues that have arisen. I see that they assume that all will understand and accept their ideals, yet they miss that most are ignorant and need to have things explained to them on their level. I don’t mean to slam the American peoples, but we have become lazy… or maybe just tired of the corrupt games the politicians have played for so many years. I like the Ideals; I hate the in ability to actually be leaders.
My greatest criticism of the current administration is that they lack the ability to connect and communicate their vision. So they appear, as Idealistic leaders yet do not seem to have easily defined vision.

So what do we have? Two parties that seem to taking us as a nation nowhere! All I can say is as you go to the polls pray, and make the best choice you can. Often it is the lesser of the two evils… so I understand why some don’t vote at all, who wants any evil to run our nation.

I am not a Bushite. I see that there are some good things he is attempting; I see some stupid mistakes he is doing. I do not see that he is responsible for the whether so I don’t blame him for Katrina; Bush is not God so does not have that power! I do blame that we have allowed this nation to become a nation of handouts, of takers who have no drive to give back and help others. We have become a nation who seems to only care for ourselves and to hell with the rest.

We need prayer. We need repentance. We need to call out to God and ask for mercy. Or we need to concede defeat and accept that this nation must fall.


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