What is Emergent?

July 27, 2005

What is emergent?


I’ve done some looking into the Emergent Church movement and do appreciate the desire of this movement to put a charge into the institutionalizing of Christianity. It does seem that doctrinal issues are not as crucial in the New Reformation (as you say) as it was in the “First” Reformation of the 1500s. The conversation seems to be based on unity based upon fellowship rather than doctrinal stances. Am I correct in this? Just trying to understand.

In Christ,


My response:

It is hard to understand because it looks like a movement, yet, it is not. Though there is now
talk about it actually becoming one.
It crosses all denominations. It makes it inclusive as opposed to exclusive.
It is allowing as you said the openness of conversation, as opposed to setting
lines in the sand.
It is about following Christ, and not man’s teaching or an institution.
It is the seeking of the REAL…. It is the de-institutionalizing of the Church.
It is greater than the original Reformation as it is about deconstructing and
re-examining all things. To even be open to that ability.

I would say it is more:
organic than mechanical
conversation vs. direction
less vs. more
people vs. profit

It is being relevant in an age that views Christianity as irrelevant.

It is to me seeing the Church not as an institution but literally the Body of Christ.
If one looks at the word church in the Bible, it is broken down into two parts;

“the called out ones/those that gather”.

So to me it is the called out ones who gather at Billings.

This gives the “church” a pulse, life and it becomes more organic and no longer an institution,
(When has a building ever hugged anyone). Even to say the church is the people still loses out that that it is more than the people but the Body of the Risen Savior. It means that we become One with Christ not just a denomination of “people” who rally under a man’s teaching. But those that literally become One with The One, as Jesus prayed in John 17.

I have become more aware of how much we add to the Gospel, by our culture, our own bias,
and backgrounds. We can personalize our faith but to add these things actually diminishes the works of Christ, like adding works to Grace.


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