Papa Murphy’s Concerned About You

July 26, 2005

Papa Murphy’s Concerned

I found this extremely funny!
Papa Murphy’s is a “you bake” pizza place. You go, and they make it, then you drive home and
cook it yourself. It is supposed to be a bit cheaper then delivery. Though I think I might argue that point.

Here is the thing. We have to drive to get the pizza from these guys and they are telling us we could, most certainly can get in a car accident while doing it! But we will get a free pizza voucher if we go and check out this insurance agent.

I really fought the idea of calling them and saying, “I am convinced! I will no longer drive to Papa Murphy’s and pick up my pizza. I was not aware of how dangerous that really is, so from now on I will only have my pizza delivered.”

They do not even see they are sending a double message in this advertisement.

Now, how many Churches do the same thing? They sing “just as you are”, then teach everyone in the congregation that God won’t hear them if they sin, or that they are being punished for not repenting, or that they must “do these things” to maintain or grow in their faith. I read that it is God who make things grow. That desire should come from within to want to know Jesus in a personal way.

As the Body of Christ we must be aware of these things. As seekers may call us one day and say, “You have convinced me, there is no God. For you say God is love, and yet I never saw it from you”.

Just some thoughts.



  1. lol, brother, those are good thoughts

  2. lol – thanks for the thoughts and reflections iggy – though I kinda wish we had a pizza place like that around here – might be interesting to try once or twice!

    Blessings & PEace,

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