Is Reposting like Regifting… or What if you find Hilter in Heaven

May 20, 2005

Sometimes like a left over dinner my posts are better in the comments than when I try to write something of substance……..

I have thought of that. “what if Hitler made it to heaven?” or whoever you think is the most evil…Then one must accept that God’s grace is all encompassing it would include these men if they turned to Jesus at the last moment.

Yet, I have an issue with this question…
It has an assumption that these men turned to Jesus before they died…. In that I believe they are saved.

Yet, if the question is that these men by their own merits that is an issue altogether as we enter Heaven on Jesus’ merits. Now, God changing His mind….
If He let all the ones that were against Him, I would say, in a way He has…

By us accepting His Son.

In the apocalypse of Peter…. Peter is taking a tour through Hell with Jesus… at one point, Jesus points out all the people in hell and how they are being punished… Kind of a Dante’s Inferno thing going on…Jesus turns to Peter and as if winking and says, This is only for a time as these are being purified for Heaven.

Now, I don’t buy that, but if God did change His mind I still think there will be some Hell to pay.

To imagine a Hilter or some other person given over to evil, being able to accept the forgiveness is another leap for me. As their very character is bent on the destruction and doing the evil to others… To be their own god.

I view heaven as Pure Goodness… Only to be entered through and in Jesus…. If one is to enter on their own merit they will find themselves wanting.

God has invited all the Hitlers of history into heaven… I guess I doubt the ability for these Hitlers to cross over to Heaven even if forgiven and given yet one last time.

Hope that makes sense.


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