Jesus Goes to Church pt 2

April 30, 2005

She woke up from a vivid dream…. it was so real.
Her heart was filled with joy.
“I can’t miss Church today, even if it is not true!”

She jumped from bed and quickly began getting ready. She sang a hymn as she glided through her kitchen and grabbed some pop tarts for a quick breakfast.
The sun was shining bright as she made her way to her car. She looked at her watch and realized she was late. She would miss worship but be able to get there as they began to share about God. She could not wait! “Should I share about my dream?” She laughed out loud….

She pulled up to the parking lot and saw a bizarre sight. Someone had tied a donkey to the rails of the stairs!

She laughed again, thinking, “Maybe Jesus did come to church today!” Her heart jumped for joy!

She parked her car and could her quite a commotion inside.

“Who did he think he was anyway?”

“Maybe we should be more restrictive who we let in our church.”

“Can you believe how disruptive he was…. With our worship!”

She pushed the door open and quietly made her way in. She asked a little old lady whom this person was who came and caused such a stir.

“Some Jewish Hippie, probably and illegal liberal who is against the war and God and this country!”

The girl had to turn away from the spit from the old ladies mouth.

The girl asked where he had gone. The old lady said “Out the door!”

The Pastor saw her and beckoned her to come in… she was the newest person in his congregation. He was trying to get his numbers up.

The girl looked at him then back at the door…. She stepped towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Screamed the Pastor.

“I am leaving the Church!” she shouted as she pushed the doors open.
She saw a man walking down the rode, about one hundred feet away.

She stepped outside, and as the sun hit her face…

Joy filled her heart

And she followed Jesus from that day on.

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