The never ending argument

February 12, 2005

Many of my friends argue over “OSAS” once saved always saved, or losing ones salvation… I think this is wrong thinking. Here is my perspective is shared with them. These are mostly modern thinking pastors.

I believe the issue is not a one time confession, but spiritual growth… I see it as “no growth – no seed was truly planted”… Anyone can say I believe… demons believe, but they do not receive new life. They do not have their old nature crucified with Christ.
Action and growth…
To me one can still be very foul in the human sense yet receive Christ and struggle with sin that is still with in… but to just say…”I believe in Jesus and He forgave me”, then go and not grow…something is wrong somewhere.
Faith without action…or growth (works) is dead. I think we have too many who are “osas” who are sitters in the pews on Sunday and forget God all week but “feel” secure about it.. This is also the problem of those who believe they can lose their salvation. Funny it is never “I can”, but “you can”, very judgmental. I have seen many that live as they want all week and just go get saved again every Sunday…. again something is wrong…they refuse to grow.
If we stop worrying about salvation… and think of it as not a destination or line in the sand we can concentrate on growth. If one grows, the natural thing is salvation.
I see salvation as a journey without end. To me salvation is growth…
A simple view is this.
A stream of conversion that moves and pours into a river of redemption and grows as it pours into the ocean of salvation that is Gods Love that has no end. As we grow and enter into Gods love we have the journey continue for there is no way one can find the ending of Gods love.


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