How would iggy change a light bulb

October 24, 2004

This is how iggy would change a light bulb.

iggy would pull up a chair and ponder the darkness…he would then question if there is only one way to change a light bulb…he would ask which is more important the changer of the changed…and also ponder if one really can change a light bulb if it does not want to be changed…he would then wonder if he should change it….if he is his own ability can not change himself, how could he change anything else? ..but with God all things are possible and if God wills to change the bulb, iggy decides it would be cool to be part of letting the bulb see the light. But, again, is it better for the light bulb to really want to change and seek to be changed on it’s own, will it then with the struggle really understand it’s own changing? iggy will go to discussion groups and argue and fight for the different views he has pondered and fight for the views that are valid Christian views about changing bulbs…he would bristle over some very conservative views he see’s ridged and question why they thought only their view was valid. iggy would then get discouraged and go back to the burned out bulb…complain a bit that God has given him a certain calling of changing the bulbs….he makes phone calls and organizes a gorilla soup kitchen for latter in the summer. iggy then gets a chair stands on it and reaches out hoping the bulb will just be not twisted in all the way and will come on. iggy pulls out the old bulb….then exchanges it for a new bulb…iggy marvels over how the light shines. iggy thinks the light is good…..and basks in it’s glow. iggy cries as he thinks of other bulbs that need changed and that no one will do it….then iggy goes into another room and sees another burned out bulb….he begins the process all over….but now wonders is it the process of changing the bulb…or the changing of the bulb and which is more important…. he thinks on this as he looks at the darkness around him….wishing for the light in the other room, yet iggy looks forward to the new light God has shown.

Now it is your turn!

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