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Living an Abundant Life

August 9, 2004

Living an abundant life

Often I am shocked by some who focus on the “do’s and don’ts” and miss the “who” when it comes to our faith. We all claim a faith in Christ yet then put laws and restrictions on ourselves or worse others. It is clear of the freedom and rich blessings we have in Christ…it is clear by scripture we also “will not sin” as in it is all covered as we abide or as I say live in Christ. I see this concept like this;

I live in Montana, but abide in Billings. I live here in Billings. Yet this is were most people stop. I think the next step is “my very life depends on receiving the sustenance from this town…. for example I work, become involved in politics, have my friends, raise my children…

In other words my whole life depends on my relationship with this town and it revolves around this town.

This is how I see Christians should live, and I think is true. That to really live is to have Christ be the air we breathe and the food we eat, as this is also represented in communion service.

Many stop at Savior, some go to Lord and Savior, yet with out understanding what it means to have a lord. To have a lord is to have no life outside of his. You completely serve the lord. He owns you and can do whatever his will is with you, and you without hesitation obey. We don’t like this concept in America, mostly because we are “rugged individuals” but in Christ there is no “rugged individualism” only Christ.

Now, lately I have been writing about something even greater than Jesus being Lord and Savior…but entering into Christ Jesus in a relational aspect. What I mean is this…. He is my life. He is my Lord… yes… but to quote Song of Solomon, chapter 7: 10. I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.

I see Jesus is a Lover of lovers… for He is God….and God is Love.

When I teach about Sabbath I teach the person it represents, Who is Jesus. I teach how it relates to Christ and how this in turn shapes our relationship with Him. I feel badly for so many who stay in the desert and see this only as a day…but as a friend pointed out…if it is a day to you, serve God as you have faith. I do not condemn anyone with this view but do weep for them as they do miss a deeper richness that is Christ and Christ alone.