Paul spoke of a great mystery.

August 29, 2004

The Bible teaches us to die to self….

We are the Church…

Is it then logical for God to want the Church to die to self?

God said it was not good for man to be alone… It was the first time God said, “It is not good”.

We the Church are the Bride of Christ…He still does not want us to be alone.

Paul desire when we present ourself to the Groom we would be pure…

Is it not reasonable that we are to give ourselves in purity and sweet surrender to the Groom?

We are the Church, the Bride of Christ, made pure and holy by Him as when we honor the union of man and wife. Consecrated and set apart for and to each other… to die to others and for each other…

If we are the Church, then will we not die to self and give ourself as a living sacrifice… of pure love as a Bride without shame gives herself to her Lover the Groom.

Paul spoke of a great mystery….



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