Point of View

August 27, 2004

I was recently told I am coming across very judgmental. I try to explain it is not that modern churches are right and wrong as such, but a different focus and values…(sound familiar jok? Check out ginkworld.com) She did not see it this way. I then asked her to remember what happened when we found grace and how legalism was everywhere. It was hard to find fellowship. As we grew in grace we then grew to be able to extend it.

I do feel at times like I am standing in a doorway and at first just looked in. Now I feel I have crossed the thresh hold and am looking back and seeing things very differently. I went on to explain that soon I won’t be so judgmental as I focus on Christ and the new values He is instilling in me. I still may be more modern in thought than some, but understanding does not always happen all at once. Then that is part of doing my Blog is therapy. To blow off steam and to share in what Jesus is teaching me.



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