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Looking for a good Church…

June 3, 2004
We are so market driven these day…I say this as I begin to go Church shopping.
I really don’t have much choice in churches here in Billings. I mean I do, but I recently began thinking about the statement, “I am looking for a good Church.”
Am I looking for programs for my child, or an entertaining sermon. How about the best worship band so I can do “worship”. I wonder what I am really looking for…
I believe that people are looking for the True church or the Real church.
I believe people are looking for the Real Jesus and the True Jesus and the Real People that represent Him.
We are too busy playing “church” and not being the body of Christ. We are too busy representing our doctrinal stance and not representing Jesus.
We are too occupied with our “preferences” and “opinions” that we confuse them with Truth. We are too busy trying to be, when we already are.
We are the Church, the Body of Christ, and His beloved Bride.
We are “united” in Christ, not our preferences and personal beliefs.
I am not trying to be a Christian. I am a Christian.
I am not trying to live in Christ, He is my Life.
Again people want something real…and Jesus is real!
He is who we must lift up. He is the one who will draw all to Him.
We are only to receive them into the Kingdom and worship and rejoice.
I pray we stop playing church and be the Church.