Thoughts on the Priesthood of Believers

June 23, 2004

I have recently been in a discussion on the “Priesthood of Believers”. In the course of the dialog I have been able to really look at what I believe on this.

That is the beauty of Postmodern thought, that we can really break down what we believe and rethink it to see if it is something real.

Below are some thoughts that were my answers to questions posed.

I think of the “priest relationship” on the terms not that the priest or collective body of Christ are higher of more enlightened or more spiritual and on and on, but rather we believers are all equal…where once the separation of Priest and Layman was a division of Us and Them…where the true meaning is just US as in Believers in Christ and not divisions. Make sense? Equality as in we are all able to do as the OT priests and approach God.

A paid Pastor is one who is full time attending the Flock…he is the one who oversees the function of it as an entity. Again, it to me does not mean that the Pastor is on a higher plain of conscience than the congregation, but rather he is the main “servant” of the congregation.

As for a difference between paid and lay ministers…. of course money! Hahahaha

Really I see no difference just one is freer to facilitate.

I don’t know if we need a “new/old” model. I see we need to be genuine. To have our focus be on Jesus and walking in the Kingdom on earth as if we were already in Heaven.

Jesus tells us that if we lift Him up He will draw all men unto Him. Only as people meet our living savior can one become real or totally human…authentic and genuine.

Again the measuring stick to me is not about a “model” but about a “Person” who is Jesus. To just follow a model means to me we missed the boat and are looking at programs and not the reality of Christ in us our hope of Glory.

Just some thoughts,


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