A funny thing happened on the way to the Blog

June 15, 2004

This is my response in a discussion on appearing judgmental as I sort the new adventure of postmodern/emergent thought.

It is funny you mentioned pulling your arms and legs off. I was
trying to work on my Blog about being a kid and pulling legs off spiders or the
wings off flies…the problem is I am the spider or the fly.
Meaning there are some things that I have allowed to become a part of me…as a human
being… not a spider of a fly. I feel like I am pulling my own
wings off and seeing how many legs I really need to walk around. Most
don’t see the pain. Most only see that I am judging or saying that they
are wrong. But I do feel like I was walking in a darkly lit room,
and now the lights on…and all I am doing from my perspective
is saying ”watch out for that ottoman”…“hey there is a step there you might trip on”.
To the “blind” it is annoying I am sure. hahahaha.
To me it is annoying a bit also.

I want to just turn and leave it all behind and
maybe I will someday.

Yet, as of now I still see many who see dimly what I am saying and
can hear this faint call to authenticity and a genuine faith. I am not
against anything but where some seem to focus on besides Jesus…I
mean a rocking “worship” song is really cool and I can even get into the
musicianship and praise God for their talent and worship in song.
But,if all I do is focus on the worship team, I miss the intimacy that as a
collective Body can share when united in Christ in praise.


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