Does God see only Black and White

June 13, 2004
“What is Truth.” said Pilate as He stared at Jesus.
Black and White.
God is Truth.
Right and Wrong?
He is Righteousness.
Darkness and Light or Grey?
He is Light.
But on the human side? Things are messed up and sometimes we just don’t know…Hebrews 11: 31. “By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace”….yet she was a liar and a Harlot…. I understand how these reconcile…but some without understanding that God can fathom greater depths of right and wrong beyond black and white and gray can not reconcile this. God can judge in a rainbow of colors.
We often sit with a black and white judgment…
A woman who was a prostitute gave birth to a child. She sought help but found none. As her addiction became worse she began to sell her baby daughter to men so she could have more drug money. To man’s eye she is beyond evil and not worth anything and should get anything bad that could happen to her…. But God sees her as a soul worth saving and even died for her…all she has to do is receive Jesus. And all is forgiven. Covered by the blood of Jesus and by Grace. By the worlds standard she should still pay for her crimes. But as a sister in Christ, she is as all of us, saved.
But where would most of us be… I confess I might be inclined to pick up stones…
But God’s Grace is beyond our conception. It is infinite Grace…So if this woman is evil and God loves her… does God love evil?
I hope you say no.
Is there Black and White? Yes, But not “all” things are Black and White.
Truth is pure and undiluted when God lets it loose, yet as it is filtered through our finite sinful minds it get distorted… even for us Christians.
I believe instead of the labels of black or white, to walk in total dependency on Christ. To walk in His ways for they are not my ways.
This is beyond black and white. Beyond right and wrong, but becoming more like Christ himself.
I know some of you won’t get this but that is ok.
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