Today with a Friend

May 17, 2004
I went to visit a good friend that I had not seen in many years. We still hit it right off. We spoke of the contrast of Calvinism and Armenianism and had a good time just being silly. I must admit I had a good time. We talked a bit of values we have lost and how we as a Church have become Rick Warren wannabes and how programs seem to have replaced the Holy Spirit.

I know we share much in common and I love my friend dearly. Yet, I see things so differently now and without critisim, it interested me that he wanted input to his sermon. On one hand I see this is good…”Did I communicate clearly?” I see nothing wrong with that. Yet, again I pray that as a church his congregation does not pat him on the back and say “good message” but with tears and a changed life, he sees a community changed for the better and come to meet our Lord Jesus in an intimate way.
Pastor Les, I love you brother. You are a great friend. I wish I had been a better one and stayed in better touch over the years. Now, only 150 miles apart and not 1200 with 3 states in between, I hope to talk with you even more.

I see you as how Jesus will great me in heaven. Open arms, open heart, and a big hug.
Never judging me but gently nudging me towards the truth.


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