The Blind and the judgmental

May 14, 2004

This is what I was told today.

Well, when you can dazzle with brilliance, you baffle with___________!

This is what I feel is done many times in answer to many posts in an

effort to appear, spiritual, intelligent, _______ ,(fill in the blank).

Also, I was told I am looking for the bogey man everywhere.

These were from “friends”, where in one breath they say

“We love you, iggy” then in the next breathe insult me over the translation of scripture I use…oh, NKJV by the way. but not KJV “only”.

I have these insane dialogs with these friends who tell me I am judgmental, yet when I say “who are you to inspect someone’s fruit,especially if you don’t know them”, they condescend and say I do not stand on the truth of “rightly divide the Word of God”.

Funny, when I seem to see much of their theology marginal at best. Usually out of context or understood through their particular pet doctrine. Too full of “correct doctrine” that I wonder if God still matters to them.

I am blowing off steam. I know it. It is just when I seek to have an enlightened conversation and we wallow in the mire, I keep hearing, “Don’t cast pearls before swine”.

I see so many Pastors so preoccupied with their pet doctrines that they forgot their first love, oh they mouth it, but deep down it is all about how good my sermon was, or the music was great, or we got 6 saved today! I would not even set foot in their church! “Oh, great a postmodern/emerging thing, those are cool. I am totally immersed in the Postmod thought, it is really ‘in’ right now. All you have to do is submit a business plan, meet with the elders, and we will see if it fits into our plan. It would be a great program!” As my last pastor stated to me.

I left that Church…

I want to hear, “God was great today, He was so awesome”. “I was reflecting on what was said today and I think I need Jesus”. “I am so glad this worship is not a once a week thing but a life thing”. “When do we serve our community?”, “When’s soup?”

I just see these “friends” settling for less. As they sit inspecting fruit are so blind to their own judgementalism. Didn’t someone talk about a speck and a plank in ones eyes? Lately all I have in mine are tears.

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